Playbills / Schubert Theater  Minneapolis, MN JFK Airport, NYC End of an era.. Entrance from the street to the studio. The American Mantra Fourth of July / Minneapolis, MN. Conversation, coffee and a cigarette. Conference room in Silicon Valley. Repacking to leave again. Spring planting. Looking for Waldow Bike on the street. Stockholm street. Downtown Lake Street, South / Minneapolis, MN Chicago / Door to Buddy Guy's club Legends Minneapolis, MN. Coming home to leave again. South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota Minnesota Minneapolis New Years 2001 / Minnesota Dallas, Texas Atlanta Paul Bunyon, Minnesota AIGA Conference / 2000 Seoul, Korea Chicago Lake Street / Minneapolis Solo cups in Iowa. Washington, D. C. Washington, D.C. Minneapolis, MN South Dakota South Dakota Minneapolis Minnesota Paris, Airport Paris I 29 Interstate, South Dakota Lover's promise, Northern Minnesota Window in London Santa Fe Wisconsin Wisconsin Minneapolis